Custom Palletizers for the Pool Chemical Industry


A global leader in the pool chemical industry sought automated palletizing solution that would operate effectively in a harsh, corrosive environment with the flexibility to stack two different-sized containers coming off the same production line. Filled 55-gallon composite drums each weighing 500 lbs., and 10 gallon pails, featured a tabbed closure that needed to be strategically oriented in one specific direction.


PASCO engineered and built a high throughput robotic palletizing system that tolerates long-term exposure to harsh chemicals with minimal maintenance. It incorporates a customized, end-of-arm vacuum tool that lifts and carries both the heavy 55-gallon drums and the 10-gallon pails and places them safely on the pallet. An integrated FANUC iRVision camera stationed before the palletizers detects the location of the tab and controlls the movement of the robot gripper, providing an error-proof solution for placing the pails with the tabs all oriented in the same direction.

This robust system provides the capacity and reach to handle the customer's high payload application and achieves performance objectives. To learn more about this palletizing project, or to discover how PASCO can assist you with one of your own, contact us today.