Customized Palletizers Mechanical Tooling Arms Packing


A contract packager was searching for an efficient and affordable palletizing solution for copacking 5 gallon plastic pails. They were looking for a system custom engineered to move and stack the pails as well as place a plywood sheet on top of the pallet.


PASCO engineered a high tech robotic solution that incorporated a number of versatile features. The modular end-of-arm grippers incorporate a vacuum option for easy lifting of the plywood sheets as well as a mechanical gripping system for picking up the filler lids. We designed this high-throughput system to grip and lift two pails at a time and pattern them in place, which provides a significant time savings and allows the customer increased capacity. Through use of multi-arm tooling, we were able to engineer operational flexibility into this system to accommodate a variety of palletizing options, such as the placement of cardboard flip sheets, that would allow the customer to use the equipment for a wide scope of copacking operations and expand their business.

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