FANUC Equipment

PASCO is a strategic marketing specialist for cutting-edge FANUC palletizing robots. Intelligently engineered with exceptional flexibility, FANUC offers industry defining robotic material handling solutions that increase throughput, maximize efficiency, and optimize palletizing quality.

Model M-410iB is one of the most versatile palletizing robots available to industry today. Suitable for almost any application, it is offered in variations that cover payloads from 140 kg to 700 kg and operates at speeds up to 700 cycles/hour. Super heavy duty model M-2000iA handles wrist payloads of up to 1350 kg, allowing one robot to do the work that would normally require the use of two synchronized robots, and their IP67-rating allows them to tolerate long-term exposure to caustic and harsh industrial environments. For space constrained applications, the R4000iB series offer max payload capacity of 250 kg in a slim profile, while model M-10iA offers a lighter duty option for precision placement of moderate weight product.

Servo-driven for precise motion control, all robots feature FANUC’s iRVision 2D guidance system to locate product and ascertain its position and orientation, providing an error-proof solution for even the most challenging palletizing operations.

FANUC's robotic case palletizers are easily integrated and adapted to a diverse range of palletizing scenarios. Constructed from premium grade materials and engineered for continuous duty operation, they provide a rapid return on your material handling investment. To learn more about these products and their use in our integrated palletizing solutions, contact us today.