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Paint & Coatings

Delivering safety even at the highest production rates.

The largest paint and coating producer in the USA uses PASCO palletizers in every one of its plants. They trust PASCO to deliver capable, long-lasting machines that can answer every challenge their unique environments can dish out.

Our systems are guaranteed to meet production rates, year after year, with the industry’s lowest maintenance costs.

  • Extreme-duty belt-driven zoned roller conveyor with real drive belts
  • Integrated pail de-nesting, lid placing, bail orientation, palletizing and stretch wrapping
  • Mechanical end-of-arm tools handle up to four five-gallon pails at once
  • Vacuum end-of-arm tools picks up to four five-gallon pails, cases or drums with no tool changeover
  • Empty drum handling, orientation and palletizing of any drum size with one end-of-arm tool
  • Advanced hazardous and explosive environment options