Installation Palletizers Food Application in Low Temperature Environments


A food processor approached us to engineer an efficient, high-throughput palletizing solution that would keep pace with high volume production in a low temperature environment. Prepared inside of a cold room, the food is palletized and stacked with a layer of egg cartons between each layer, allowing the food to rapidly freeze to preserve its quality. The speed of the palletizing system meets the high rate of product coming off the processing line in order to stack it and drop its temperature as quickly as possible.


PASCO designed this system from the ground up with components specifically selected to operate reliably in severe duty environments. We engineered highly automated tooling arms that remain properly heated and lubricated to allow for continuous high speed operation in low temperatures. Our engineering team also designed customized end-of-arm tooling that reliably picks and holds the difficult plastic egg cartons and ensures a tight pack pattern in the intervening layers. Lifters were incorporated to easily pick up delicate sheets and layer them onto the pallet as well.

The ability to precisely pick up a variety of materials and efficiently palletize them made this robust solution an invaluable asset to the customer's operation. To learn more about this palletizing project, or to discover how PASCO can assist you with one of your own, contact us today.