Installation Palletizers Warehousing Solutions


A major warehousing and distribution facility was in need of modernization to keep up with the more than 10,000 SKUs for incoming and outgoing orders. They looked for a flexible, versatile, and affordable system for palletizing and depalletizing their large product mix. They needed a system that would accommodate their current needs while allowing room for future growth and expansion.


Working in partnership with Schmalz, Inc., an industry leading provider of innovative vacuum gripping solutions, PASCO engineered a system with the power and reach to handle a diverse range of products weighing from 1 lb. to 75 lbs. Operating at speeds from 6 to 8 layers per minute, the system provides a high productivity solution that streamlines the movement of goods through the warehouse. Not only does this system handle current mix of products, it allows for an almost infinite number of stacking/unstacking patterns and operating speeds to accommodate future needs.

This high level of robotic automation allows the warehouse operator to reach new levels of efficiency, reduce labor and operating costs, increase throughput, and grow their business. As an excellent alternative to the tedious loading and unloading tasks that are a leading cause of repetitive motion injuries in a warehouse environment, the system frees up workers to engage in more productive activities.

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