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Automotive / Commercial Battery Stack-Off

The nation’s largest manufacturer of batteries required a new system capable of outpacing their two main production lines with each line running at a rate of more than 24 batteries per minute. There would be more than 90 different battery sizes and styles, all fully charged. A thick honeycomb sheet would be required between layers, as well as a bottom slip sheet.

The challenge: design, manufacture, install and commission a system capable of inspecting pallet condition, placing slipsheets and honeycomb layers, stacking off batteries, and executing automatic SKU changeover, all with 99% availability and execution. The solution: integrate 500KG FANUC robots for battery stack-off and smaller, FANUC R-2000iC robots for picking, justifying and placing honeycomb and slip sheets. A vision system monitors pallet condition in-cycle and out of spec pallets are automatically shunted from the system.

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