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High Speed, Low Temperature Operation

A food processor approached us to engineer a palletizing solution that would keep pace with high-volume chicken production in a low-temperature environment. Prepared inside of a cold room, the case-packed product is turned, picked with a vacuum-type tool, and palletized with freezer sheets between each layer. The speed of the palletizing system had to match the high rate of the processing line.

PASCO designed this system to operate reliably in this very cold environment. We engineered highly automated, heated end-of-arm tools that remained flexible and lubricated to allow for continuous high-speed operation in low temperatures. Our engineering team also designed customized end-of-arm tooling that reliably picked the difficult-to-handle freezer tier sheets to deliver consistent, precise unit loads.

The ability to precisely pick a variety of cases and materials and efficiently palletize them made this robust solution an invaluable asset to the customer’s operation. To learn more about this palletizing project, or to discover how PASCO can assist you with one of your own, contact us today.

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