Robotic Pail Palletizers

PASCO offers unique robotic solutions for pail palletizing, designed to operate 24/7 with minimal supervision and operation. These flexible and compact systems are developed to help manufacturers reallocate labor to tasks in less harmful environments, meet aggressive production schedules, and save valuable production area floor space.

The Robotic Pail Palletizing System design incorporates zero pressure, non-contact accumulation roller conveyor with pneumatically actuated pin stops at the product pick zone to gently position the pails prior to palletizing. Automatic bail/handle rotators, automatic pallet dispensers, CDLR conveyors, and a FANUC four axis robot with a dual pail, mechanical end-of-arm tool complete this simple and highly reliable system. Up to 20 pails can be palletized per minute using the standard dual pail clamping tool.

A variety of control methods are offered to meet the needs of the specific application, including touch screen HMI panels. A host of data management software options is also available based on plant requirements and facility protocol. Allen Bradley controls are standard to the pail palletizing system with the necessary interlocks required to integrate the upstream filling system.


  • Zero pressure non-contact accumulation infeed roller conveyor
  • Bail orientation assembly
  • Reliable mechanical gripper eliminates spills often associated with conventional stackers
  • FANUC M410iB palletizing robot with PASCO palletizing software
  • Mechanical pneumatic tool
  • PASCO Series 5000 automatic pallet dispenser (Holds up to 15 pallets)
  • Empty pallet 2 strand chain discharge conveyor
  • CDLR conveyors
  • Control Panel
  • Pneumatic assembly
  • Robot control panel
  • Safety fencing work cell c/w access gate and light curtain
  • Flexible, robotic arm design offers maximum production and palletizing flexibility
  • Compact footprint allows for ease of installation in existing packaging lines
  • Fully integrated system including empty and full pallet handling, with controls
  • Engineered for rapid R.O.I. in demanding end-of-the-line pail packaging operations
  • Pallet configurations can be easily programmed to accommodate different unit loads to suit shipping needs utilizing the robot's flexibility