Schmalz Equipment

Palletizing systems from PASCO incorporate high quality vacuum components manufactured by Schmalz. Schmalz offers a diverse range of technology-forward components that enable the precision handling of a wide variety of products - from thin, flexible materials to heavy duty payloads. These innovative components allow us to build custom tooling in a unique configuration with individually optimized components for gripping, lifting, holding, and releasing.

Manufactured from a diverse range of extended life materials with various resistances and wear properties, Schmalz's specialized bellows and suction pads are capable of handling both rigid and flexible packaged products in palletizing or depalletizing systems. Complex vacuum gripping systems are capable of handling layers of goods with a wide range of dimensions, undefined positions, and unstable loads. The innovative design of the vacuum generator guarantees maximum effectiveness, and these high reliability components require little maintenance, allowing high productivity and accelerated cycle times.

Schmalz is a worldwide leader in automated material handling technologies and their innovative and efficient vacuum components offer a value-based solution for many of our custom engineered palletizing systems. To learn more about these products or our integrated palletizing and bag handling solutions, contact us today