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We're always working to improve the PASCO experience, so we'd love to hear what's working and how we can do better.

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    Your PASCO System
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    You normally receive support in a timely manner.
    The component selection and quotation process is satisfactory to your needs.
    The ordering process is straightforward and easy to understand.
    The paperwork received is clear and understandable.
    Should a problem arise, PASCO efficiently satisifes your needs.
    Your sales representative is responsive, courteous and knowledgeable in answering your questions.
    You would purchase another PASCO system in the future.
    Based on your experience as our customer, you will recommend us to a colleague.
  • ExcellentVery GoodGoodFairPoorN/A
    How would you rate your experience with our application sales engineers?
    How would you rate our product reliability?
    How would you rate the value of our systems?
    How would you rate our lead time?
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