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Preventative Maintenance: Protecting Your Investment

There are many ways to protect your investment in automation equipment – proper training to operate and maintain your system, intelligent inventory of spare parts, and a preventative maintenance (PM) plan are among the keys to success.

What makes creating and maintaining a PM schedule crucial to your success?

Having a proper PM plan in place not only significantly increases the lifespan of robotic equipment, but it also prevents costly repairs and minimizes the chances of lengthy downtime. Good PM also allows for consistent and accurate system performance.

The average PM visit takes one day and creates an average of 6 hours of downtime. (During which other, associated maintenance tasks are often performed.) Spending these few hours on an annual PM will deter unscheduled downtime and its associated costs.

Example: A J1 failure on a robot will cause a few days of downtime as the required parts are sourced and delivered – and a tech travels to arrive onsite to make the necessary repairs. This can cost upwards of $30,000 in parts and labor, and that’s not including the costs of multiple days of down production. This one instance shows the tremendous ROI that can be achieved by preventing one instance of system failure.

Who is the right team to execute your annual PM services?

Our PASCO Techs are Certified FANUC Service Engineers, which means our work on the PASCO-supplied equipment is covered under the PASCO Warranty, and the service on the robot itself is also covered under the FANUC Warranty. This allows us to operate as a one-stop shop with service for the entire system and to work fully-covered under warranty. By taking this complete system approach, we go above and beyond the industry standard to provide additional value to our clients.

What is a PM visit and what does it include?

Our onsite Preventative Maintenance visits include not only the OEM-recommended maintenance, but also additional checks to keep systems operating at their maximum efficiency. We understand that each application can be different. Sometimes it requires something more specific to meet requirements. Below we have a typical checklist of what we investigate while onsite:


  • Inspect/Grease Bearings
  • Inspect/Oil Chains
  • Inspect/track Belts
  • Inspect Motors/Reducers
  • Inspect/adjust Pneumatic Components
  • Inspect Rollers and Pulleys
  • Inspect/Test Safety Equipment


  • Axis/RV Grease Change
  • Check for Defective Seals
  • Evaluate Axis Backlash
  • Inspect Robot Cables and Connections
  • Replace Robot/Controller Batteries
  • Test Teach Pendant Functionality
  • Clean and Inspect Fan Units
  • Program Backups


  • Minor Programming Adjustments
  • Pattern Adjustments
  • System Training

Creating and Maintaining a Maintenance Plan

PASCO makes creating and maintaining a maintenance plan as simple as possible. With each system, we provide a custom maintenance schedule as part of the system manual. Additionally, we provide a poster that mounts directly to the safety fencing. This maintenance poster serves as a highly-visible reminder of maintenance tasks and intervals.

We address the Annual System PM in two different ways:

First, we can accomodate the annual PM need by simply providing an estimate and scheduling the visit as the PM date draws near.

We also offer enhanced PM plans that not only satisfy the annual PM need, but also provide savings and enhanced service levels that include services such as 24/7 phone support after the warranty period, discounts on parts and additional years of full-factory warranties.

We encourage you to download our Preventative & Emergency Service Options Brochure.

Mention CODE: “PM500” for a $500 discount good toward the purchase of any PM Service Plan.

Having a robust PM plan is vital to your equipment and the success of your production. Whether it means increasing the lifespan of your equipment or preventing costly downtime, the right plan leads to maximized efficiency and increased productivity in every application.

If you are ready for a visit from one of our PM Specialists, or even if you are unsure if annual PM visits are right for you, contact our Service Department today to discuss your needs and how we can be the right fit for your application.


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