The Pasco Way

Our mission is to be an indispensable resource to our customers for robotic automation and palletizing by providing:

— Superior quality and innovative engineering

— Exceptional Service

— Unquestionable integrity

Through a culture of candor in which we passionately employ all of our abilities to achieve excellence and continuous profit.

Many companies claim to be different. Few really are. So, what makes PASCO different?

You’ll feel it the first time you call us (and a real person answers within 3 rings) and long after your system is installed and running. It comes down to one thing: Trust.

Each member of our team works hard every day to earn your trust. You can trust we will get the job done right. We will know our business and yours. We will keep our word and deliver on promises.

PASCO started as a family business and now, more than 40 years later, we are still a family business.

We’re also a WBE (Women-owned Business Enterprise) certified in Missouri.

Of course, we know that what we do is far more important than what we say. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to the Relentless Pursuit of Better.™

The Pasco Way
Rule #1
See things through the customers’ eyes.
Then make decisions accordingly.
Rule #2
Think big.
Don’t just meet expectations, blow them away.
Rule #3
Ask why.
“Because we’ve always done it that way…” are the most dangerous words in business.
Rule #4
Avoid bull#*!t.
Everyone deserves straight talk and smart action.
Rule #5
Create wow.
If the customer expects it in a week, get it there tomorrow.
Rule #6
Be a student.
Learn from everyone, every day.
Rule #7
Be a teacher.
Help others learn what you know.
Rule #8
Spend smart.
We, and our customers, depend on it.
Rule #9
Be Fearless.
Nothing advances without the courage to innovate.
Rule #10
Don’t be a jerk.
  • PASCO met and exceeded our expectations. We had a particularly small space to work in and they custom fit a solution.