Total Turnkey Solution for Valve Bag Filling


A customer sought a reliable, state-of-the-art valve bag filling and palletizing system to be housed in a new facility in Nevada. In addition to being optimally sized to fit into the new space, it needed to be engineered to adhere with EPA regulations for handling of dry powders.


PASCO engineers worked closely with the customer to understand their processing line requirements in the context of maximizing production throughput while complying with a maze of demanding regulatory requirements. We designed and built dual systems that incorporate modern robotic and control technologies for efficient movement of product from the bag placement, filling, weighing, cleaning, and loading processes. Product recovery systems to minimize waste and keep the powder from becoming airborne (and contaminating the plant) serve the dual purpose of maximizing material usage while ensuring adherence to safety and environmental regulations. An efficient, fully automatic stretch hooding system produces secured pallet loads that allow outdoor storage.

EPA certified, this high tech, highly automated yet low maintenance system not only increases the company's production capacity, it eliminates the need to hire laborr to repetitiously move heavy loads - a leading cause of workplace injuries.

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