Warehouse Solutions

With our experience in warehousing automation, PASCO offers the ability to automatically de-palletize full layers of product with thousands of SKU's and a maximum layer weight of 200kg. Our warehousing systems are custom designed to accommodate an extraordinary range of products, depalletizing not only a full layer of goods but also slipsheets with one vacuum tool. PASCO works exclusively with Schmalz on design and development of vacuum technology used in end of arm tooling. All design, manufacturing and programming is done in house by PASCO to suit each individual customer's needs. The systems are created with space in mind, using a compact design and can be integrated into an existing sortation system. PASCO can accommodate for all your warehousing needs from loaded pallet infeed conveyors, barcode reading, depalletizing robot cells and slipsheet removal.


  • Allow Infeed conveyor system to have the capacity of 38 Pallets
  • Ability to have two individual De-pal lines operating (Maximize efficiency levels)
  • Robot cells can be configured to suit workspace required
  • Ability to reject partially or loaded pallets outside each De-pal robot cell
  • Slip sheet removal by vacuum tool - eliminates separate system
  • Empty Pallet stacking
  • Slave board processing
  • Ability to unload 4 layers/min (video available upon request)